the team

The team is made up of people from different backgrounds with various areas of expertise but all share one common goal – to see the church equipped and the Gospel spread throughout the country of Myanmar.


aung ling

Organisational Director

Aung Ling was born in Chin State, the western part of Myanmar which is regarded as the most deprived area of the country. Being born to nominal Christian parents, Aung grew up in a church-going family but became born again Christian when he was 14. In 2012 he co-founded Dai College, now renamed as Trinity College, with his cousin and now serving as a director. As the ministry grows, the departments are expanded and the entire ministry became Myanmar Proclamation Ministry. He is now the director of the ministry.




Naing Bu

Training Director

Bio coming soon

Jesse Cope

International Director

Jesse met Aung Ling in 2010 and loved the vision he had for reaching Myanmar with the gospel. Jesse has visited Myanmar each year since MPM was set up to help with the teaching at Dai college, establishing the MPM conferences and forging links between Myanmar and the UK. Jesse currently lives in Hampshire and helps to pastor Hope Church (

Jamie kidd


Jamie is the pastor of Emmanuel Community Church ( in South Manchester. Having served with Jesse at his prior pastorate in London he was persuaded to visit Myanmar in 2018 where he fell in love with the country and the people. He feels privileged to be part of the team and is passionate to see The Gospel proclaimed in Myanmar.


the board

The Board

Aung Ling (Director & Trustee)

Naing Bu (Principal & Trustee)

Shwe Ling (Coordinator of Ministries & Trustee)

Thang Bu Naing (Dean of Students & Trustee)

Kee Chai (Lecturer & Trustee)

Naing Yaw (Lecturer & Trustee)

Hsar Mae Phaw (Warden, Finance assistant & Trustee

Tial Thawng (Trustee)

Thang Kee Ling (Trustee)

Lai Kam Lian (Trustee)





Rev. Tial Thawng

Rev. Thang Kee Ling

Rev. Min Lwin

trustees (UK)

Jesse Cope

Jamie Kidd

Nick Houston

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